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About Us

ESCO - Energy Saving Company Belgrade is an engineering and consulting company that deals with new technologies in areas of renewable energy and efficient energy use, as well as electric power technologies and technology assessment methodologies.

Established in 1999 as private company named Global Business Centar, Belgrade. Company name is 2006 changed, for developing of company strategy to further specialization and appliance of specific concept of engineering services in energetic area, as well to promote name of this concept, to ESCO Belgrade.

Primary company effort:

  • Engineering and consulting in preparing, development and implementation of energy efficiency projects, intended to achieve rational use and saving of energy, as well as increase in efficiency of energy use, in industry plants, business and public buildings.
  • Tehnical implementation and maintenance of equipment of high tehnology level
  • Finance engineering
  • Transmitting experience and knowledge of word leaders in this area to domestic market

As an engineering and consulting company ESCO - Belgrade provides project management concept for ruling it's own current or developing tasks. At this organisation schema, number of performers and other needed resources depends from project needes and it moulds and organize in a team form.

ESCO concept managing demands high vocational skill and high interdiscipline experience. Working structure contains from 8 permanent employed personnel, wich 6 with university degree. Apart to tehnical experience, they have managing and organizing skills and extremely high knowledge of banking procedures, legal acts and all parts of finance engineering.

As we are dealing with the appliance and implementation of new technology, apart to full time personnel it is necessarily to utilize local and foreign professional consultants.