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Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency efforts are mostly related to:

  • Energy saving programs
    This type of effort include improvements of efficiency of existing equipment and system, without any changes in production process of plant, or energy system supplying.
  • Heat and electrical energy efficiency improvement, by implementing new or dismantling of old equipment
    This type of measurement is including investment with short energy efficiency improvement , with financial payback trough energy savings.
Energy Efficiency

First groups of measurements includes initiatives and measurements according to managing and decreasing energy consumption without changing process and with using energy waste:

  • Equipment detention without idling loss
  • Decreasing of process temperature
  • Limitation of warm water usage for cleaning
  • Consumption energy monitoring
  • Supervision and managing electrical energy consumption for peak load decreasing
  • Equipment maintaining
  • Elimination of steam leaking, water, compressed air and vacuum
  • Improvement operation planning
  • Pipeline isolation improvement
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Central heating and air conditioning control
  • Compensation of reactive energy
  • Waste fluid preheating
  • Installation of heat exchangers

Second group of measurements includes production process changing and implementation of technical innovation:

  • Changing production plant parts with new one
  • Reconstruction of steam and warm water installations
  • Installation of high efficient boilers
  • Changing of indirect drying with heating air to direct hot process gas drying
  • Implementation of cogeneration-combine heat and power production from one energy source